Bring on the Tie-Dye!

Hi my gorgeous babes!

It's been a hot second since I've blogged but here I am BACK AGAIN.. and with what you may ask?

Well for now I'm going to be reviewing lingerie/clothing from my most favourite plus size brands! And today that company is Shein! I pretty much just ordered $200 worth of lingerie, dresses, AND accessories in a moment of hypomania (bipolar II represent~), which gave me some SERIOUS buyers remorse the next day..

But then I was like, pff, how'm I going to be fabulous if I worry about things and decided to visit my most favourite place of all.. the land of eternal denial! LOL. Honestly though... I got my package and it was SO worth it.. seriously, the sheer amount of things you can get at shein for only $200 is INSANITY.

Super happy with everything overall. And the very same day I switched out a planned photoshoot outfit for one of the items I got, and this is the item I'm here to review!

The SHEIN Plus Drawstring Front Tie Dye Cami Top and Bodycon Skirt Set!

Isn't this set a sherbet dream?! It's a two piece top and mini-skirt and was only $14CAD (so probs like $10US), it's super soft and breathable, and fit my girls pretty good! I'm a 38G, and my measurements are 46-41-47, and I bought a size 1x. Generally I tend to like things tighter, especially since I'm usually hoping to nix wearing a bra if it's tight enough to give me some kind of hold..

I definitely trust it enough to walk around at the beach in, a little rolling in the sand, BUT I would not risk jumping in public because the girls will definitely escape! Though, if you have a smaller chest you should try a test jump in the bathroom, who knows, you could get away with a little more activity than me heheh.

And might I say it looks EXTRA cute with these Neon Heart Earrings also bought from Shein~ they were $4CAD so for you lovely American dolls I'm betting it's $2US and DAMN that's definitely worth it. They're already my favourite new pair!

So if you're loving this look give this post some loooOoooOoove and check out the items below!!

View: SHEIN Plus Drawstring Front Tie Dye Cami Top and Bodycon Skirt Set!

View: SHEIN Heart Shaped Hoop Earrings

Happy Shopping my Squishy Babes!

xoxo, Cherish S.