Trending: 70's Style Jumpsuits!

By now you know we've been hit with a wave of 90's fashion nostalgia, but what's about to hit you this summer is some awesome 70's vibes to help you dance the summer away at the discotheque! Take a look at some of my favourite finds so far this season.

Vacation Home Tropical Print Jumpsuit

These kinds of orange are always a hit in the summer, you'll definitely draw some stares in this amazing jumpsuit! It's from FashionNova for $29.99USD and you can get it here!

Plus Size Off the Shoulder Chambray Jumpsuit

Such a classic style! This could be super cute day wear to the beach or you can dress it up with platform heels and jewelry for a casual night out dancing! It's $17.99USD at Rainbow! Get this funky little number here.

Talk About An Upgrade Jumpsuit

I love yellow! And how fabulous is this design? You get the fun playful colour, and that peekaboo paneled top to show off your assets with a little more refinery. This is definitely one of my top choices, and you can get it for $54.99USD from FashionNova here!

Striped Surplice Jumpsuit

Oh this is just giving me memories of my childhood! Don't get me wrong, I'm only 30 but my mum used to put on 70s Sesame Street reruns on the TV for me as a kid and I just loved all the guests and the styles they had.. And although I don't usually like browns and oranges like these I saw it and immediately though "foxy". It's $40 at Forever21 Plus, you can get it here!

Jordyn One Shoulder Jumpsuit

Deep navy tones will never go out of style, and neither will this chic one-shoulder FashionNova jumpsuit.. Perfect for a sexy classy evening look! Date night anyone?

Get it here for just $29.99USD!

Abstract Print Flounce Jumpsuit

THIS PATTERN. I am so in love with this look, especially the off the shoulder sleeves that are -everywhere- right now. This is definitely a fashion statement, and is approximately $50USD at Forever21 here.

Caitlyn Strappy Wrap Front Jumpsuit

And for those who like a little more va-va-voom, rock this jumpsuit with a matching red lippie and you'll be the centre of attention all night.. It's all yours for $57.00USD at Boohoo here.

Check back in soon, I may be going to a disco night at the end of July and I will most definitely be posting my 70s inspired look! Until then, you better kill it on the dancefloor!